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It can be disappointing for someone facing a birthday in lockdown and in such uncertain times.

We have developed several non-contact packages that adhere to the Government guidance and hygiene and safety standards.

We have stripped back our services to offer packages and a postal pamper package. Services will initially be available to clients living within 5 miles of RM14.


Sibling DIY Sleepover

Luxe DIY Picnic set up

Pamper in a bowl
DIY Organic Spa station

Gift boxed Organic Pamper package – available to pre-order for delivery nationwide

All our packages can be upgraded to include, balloons, party bags, birthday cake etc.

Your health and safety are extremely important to us and one of the core values of our business.


NHS Coronavirus guidance

  • The virus will only live on bedding, foam mattresses, cushions, plastic trays, and all other surfaces included in our kits for a maximum of 72 hours. Whilst the Coronavirus pandemic is present, there will be a period of three days between bookings. All items will be washed and cleaned thoroughly.

  • We have always washed bedding and fabric components at 60 degrees after every booking in non-bio detergent and softener and will continue to do so.

  • Non-washable fabrics are sprayed with disinfectant and left to air dry.

  • Breakfast trays, props and packaging are wiped down with disinfectant wipes.

  • All spa package items will be washed with detergent and left to air dry.


Please see complete the inquiry form. A member of the team will reply typically within 48 hours.

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